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As the creator, producer, and Director of" Ladies in the Locker Room", and "Atlanta Homicide", I consider myself a creative person. I love Directing, and I must say I am pretty good at it. Currently I am working on a new TV sitcom, that will steal the hearts of America, causing you to dribble, while attempting to slam dunk. This is a family comedy, with some of the most talented kids in Atlanta. Watch for " The Starting Line up" Created by Hattie Lemon.

Film Director

Sweet Lemon Tree Productions

Hattie Lemon Content Creator of this new sitcom looking for a network home "The Starting Line UP"This is a family show. a 1 hour sitcom about a family learning to work out their problems while Dad is away serving in the US Army.What makes this difficult is Dad played by Karon J Riley was a Stay at home Dad before he was called to return to the military. Dad ran the house like a sports franchise. His wife Played by Angelina Cortez says he has a Basketball Jones. This Jones was so bad that he named his children after some of his Basketball greats. While the kids are use to the whole team concepts. Mom does not have a clue. So dad has helps out by way of the internet. This poses a challenge for everyone. Check us out on youtube, and like us on Facebook.

Talent Manager

Atlanta Talent Network

I also take on the task of functioning as management for my teenage Grandson Tarrence AKA "M3Nice. M3Nice is a rapper/ Music Producer, Actor and Dancer. Contact me for booking 

Hattie Lemon Demo Reel

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